Underground Mining


​As an integrated mining consultancy we provide professional skills and support across all aspects of the underground mining industry.



  • Technical expertise across all underground mining methods from caving, to stoping, to longwall operations 
  • Underground mining infrastructure 
  • Specialist ventilation support 
  • Statutory management and ventilation capabilities 
  • Strategic mine planning studies (options studies, Hill of Value, etc) 
  • Contract tendering 
  • Studies, from concept to bankable feasibility 
  • Cost modelling 


For over 30 years Minserve has been providing clients with underground mining assistance and expertise. Through this time, we have obtained a wealth of underground metals and coal experience over all aspects of operations, technical and mine management, across all major commodities. This includes all facets of design, scheduling, ventilation, mine operations, safety, contract tendering and statutory management. 

As underground mining has evolved over the last 30 years, Minserve have been at the forefront of this progression, working with some of the world leading cave and sub-level caving operations. This has given Minserve the tools to provide industry leading solutions to any underground mining situation. 

Minserve’ underground services range from onsite operational assistance to all forms of studies and can be tailored to suit the client needs. Our capability is underpinned by extensive operational experience and robust technical capabilities that range all major mining software’s. 

We pride ourselves on ensuring client expectations and satisfaction are achieved.