Process Services


Minserve covers all aspects of coal quality, coal processing and handling.​



  • Bore core testing procedures and supervision
  • Flowsheet simulation and yield prediction
  • Equipment selection and operational optimisation
  • Preparation plant technical audits
  • Technical services support


Key components of Minserve’s services are coal quality and coal processing, with its specialists in processing, geology and mining collaborating closely to produce the best outcomes for the client.

Process and Quality

Design and supervision of bore core sample testing procedures

Assessment of quality for processing and product specification and utilisation

Flowsheet simulation and yield prediction

Process plant technical audits for operational optimisation

Technical support for feasibility and due diligence studies

Minserve has extensive experience in designing and supervising bore core and bulk sample testing programs. Working closely with geologists ensures that the exploration samples are optimally tested to provide accurate predictions of coal quality for product specification and utilization (coking, PCI and thermal) as well as particle size and density distributions for process plant design and yield prediction. Close liaison with mining personnel is key to the successful incorporation of yield and quality predictions for mine modelling and planning.

Minserve’s skills and capabilities also include flowsheet design, plant technical audits and monitoring plant operating contracts. Minserve also has extensive experience with leading process flowsheet modelling software tools and in the preparation of scoping, concept, feasibility, due diligence and other technical support studies.