Mine Closure Landform Design and Visualisation


Minserve has experienced consultants who have delivered mine closure landform designs for construction. We can help prepare for your mine closure with optimised designs and 3D flythroughs for internal decision making and stakeholder presentations.


Closure & Reporting

  • Closure Optionality
  • Landform Designs
  • Costings
  • Contractor Engagement
  • Tender and Shadow Bid
  • Project and Subconsultant Management
  • PRCP Schedules
  • ERC Mapping and Spatial Deliverables
  • 3D flythroughs


Minserve consultants have been busy the past few years with landform design, optionality, costings, stakeholder presentations and providing active ongoing support to mines under rehabilitation across the Bowen and Surat Basins. Together with respected consultants in the fields of geotechnics, erosion, groundwater, and environment, we have been able to deliver full site closure scenarios that allow the clients to transition the vision of their site's closure plan to reality.

Experienced mining engineers prepare designs for not only the bulk earthworks but also providing volumes, schedules and cost estimates for every item of land forming to be done on-site. As an example, a recent total-site rehab planning project delivered the client with nearly one hundred individual land forming tasks, varying from optionality studies for a one million cubic metre dozer push to small cleanup works such as removing spoil rills, windrows, ROM pads, and sedimentation dams. It's surprising how many of these minor works there are on-site to be considered, and their impacts on capping material inventory, drainage, and the closure budget must be considered early as they are often overlooked.

Final landform designs are always considered with the surrounding environment in mind, with outcomes including not only pasture but weathered outcrops, and finding opportunities to introduce green bands of native vegetation to reconnect undisturbed fragmented communities through rehabilitation analogous with its surrounds.


As part of our delivery of a complete design, costing and presentation package for clients, Minserve continues to develop 3d presentations that aid in showing how design concepts meet internal governance and can inform and educate both key stakeholders and the general public alike. We have most recently incorporated our final landform designs into drone still imagery and video for realism that is a step above rendered fly-throughs.

Mine Rehabilitation Progression from 2019 Drone images and video.

Mine Visualisation from current construction drone footage 2019, through to final groundwater recovery

Before and After Mine Closure Visualisation