Experience is... Boots on the ground


Optimisation starts with experience. Minserve consultants have managed mines, given operational improvement advice and acted as site tech services support.



John Tynan

BE Mining, NSW Open Cut Coal Mine Managers Cert of Competency #117, West Australian Underground Supervisors Cert.

Over 20 years experience in technical, operational and management roles. His background includes statutory mine management, project management, continuous improvement studies and project evaluation for surface and underground mining across Australia and overseas.

Richard Hoskings

BE (Hons) Mining, MSc, FAusIMM, MMICA, First Class Mine Manager's Certificates (Metalliferous) Qld and WA

Over 40 years experience in the mining industry, including mine operations and management, project management, project evaluation and major feasibility studies.

Ken O'Reilly

BSc (Hons), Dip Ed, MAusIMM (CP)

Over 35 years coal exploration and development experience in the evaluation, management, and reporting of coal deposits including assessment, estimation and auditing of coal resources to JORC standards, due diligence studies and statutory reporting for projects in Australia and overseas.​

Mark Bryant

BE (Hons) Mining, MAusIMM(CP)

Over 20 years evaluation, planning and operational experience in coal mines and stratified deposits; specialising in pit design and scheduling, project evaluation, reserve statements and evaluation of established and innovative mining methods and systems. A skilled and experienced user of mine planning software.

Russell Aspland

AD (Cartography)

Over 20 years experience in cartography, graphic design and illustration, primarily for the mining industry. Specialising in high quality CAD outputs for mine planning and environmental studies using Autocad, Vulcan and GIS.

Tony Harrison

BE (Hons) Mining, MAusIMM(CP), Cert. Applied Finance, Underground Shift Supervisors Cert.

Over 20 years mine consulting, project development and operational experience in open cut and underground mining. Recent projects include due diligence acquisition studies, strategic planning and evaluation, scoping through to feasibility studies, execution planning and tender preparation in Australia and offshore.


Drew Herbert

BE Mining (Hons), MAusIMM

Over 20 years experience in open pit and underground metalliferous mine planning, operations and studies. Core skills include mine optimisation, planning, scheduling, cost estimation, and feasibility studies.

Hsin-Wei Wu

Dip. Mining, M Eng Sc, PhD, MAusIMM.

Over 20 years experience in consulting, teaching and research in mine ventilation and mining economics including mine ventilation design and planning, mine ventilation surveys, mine fire simulation and emergency preparedness, real time ventilation monitoring, contaminants monitoring and control, economics of mine development and mining financial techniques.

Hayden Jones

BE Mining, MAusIMM, Qld Limited Mine Manager's Certificate, Qld Open Cut Examiner Certificate.

Over 20 years experience in open cut mining including mine operations, management, project management, due diligence, mine optimisation, mine planning and scheduling. Skilled and experienced user of mine planning software including MINEX, Minescape, XPAC and Talpac.

Paul Stewart

Certificate of Cartography

Over 40 years experience in cartography, plan production, technical graphics and mining tenements for the mining industry. CAD outputs for mine planning, environmental studies, cadastral and geological maps using GIS, Autocad and graphics software.

Jeff Jamieson

ARMIT (Min.Eng), FAusIMM (CP), Mine Manager's Certificate of NSW (Metalliferous), Quarry Manager's Certificate WA.

Over 40 years experience in underground and open cut mining, including management, tender preparation, mine optimisation studies and divestment studies.

David Hornsby

Over 40 years experience in minerals processing, coal preparation and coal quality including plant commissioning and operation; planning and management of bore core and bulk sampling testing programs; flowsheet development, simulation; yield prediction and product specification; plant audits, feasibility studies and due diligence and technical assessment. Experienced user of process simulation software.


Peter Isles

BSc (Hons) Mining, MSc, Qld and Tas Mine Managers Certificates.

Over 40 years professional experience in underground metalliferous and surface coal mining operations including operations and general management, project development, feasibility and due diligence studies and project optimisations.

Ian Clark

BSc, MSc, PhD.

Over 30 years experience in open cut and underground mining, specialising in computer modelling of complex problems in all facets of engineering geomechanics.

Rowan Johnson

McElroy Bryan Geological Services

Since 1970, McElroy Bryan Geological Services (MBGS) has provided a high quality service to the Australian and international coal mining industry. Our senior management team each has 20 to 45 years’ experience as a coal geologist in Australia and the international arena. As a result, we have an extensive appreciation of the geology of coal deposits around the world.