Corporate and Strategic Advisory Services


Providing strategic advice to a diverse range of mining industry stakeholders has been a key component of our business since its inception over 25 years ago.



  • ​Independent strategic advice
  • Board level representation
  • Owner-JV representation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Due diligence studies and strategic planning
  • Technical study reviews and audits
  • Bankable Feasibility Studies
  • Financial modelling and evaluation
  • JORC Resource and Reserve audits
  • Study management
  • Risk analysis

Minserve's strategic advisory team provides expert witness testimony and independent advice to a wide range of clients including major stakeholders, minority investors and joint venture partners.

Providing strategic advice to a diverse range of mining industry stakeholders has been a key component of our business since its inception over 25 years ago. Our members provide ongoing board level advice to several major corporations and our reports are regarded as being among the most informative and accurate within the mining industry.

Minserve can also aid in the selection of the best product transport option for a new or expanding project, comparing the net-present-cost effectiveness of various rail, trucking, conveying or pipeline routes


​Minserve has the resident technical expertise to evaluate all aspects of greenfield projects and operating mines. With competent and qualified members and associates we can conduct due diligence across a wide range of commodities for resource companies, financial institutions or investors who may be wanting to evaluate, underwrite or contribute capital to develop a project.

Minserve's vast experience dictates that there will be a high level of understanding with many of the deposits to be reviewed, either at a basin or structural geology level, as well as an understanding of qualities, grades and potential mining restraints and hazards. Minserve's cartographers can contribute mapping and data from up-to-date databases of regional ecosystems, cropping land, topography, drainage, overlapping tenements, native title, flood history and aerial and satellite imagery.


Minserve's financial evaluation, risk analysis and optimisation expertise is utilised in many different scenarios from feasibility studies to optimising the day-to-day running of existing mines. In addition to the technical due diligence components, we can estimate project value and the likelihood of that value being achieved, by focusing on the elements of your project which can be quantified and to which risk levels can be assigned.

Our costing and financial evaluation systems allow us to capture the confidence levels in the project elements listed above and to use Monte Carlo risk analysis to quantify the risk. We use numerous tools (both in-house and industry standard) at the mine planning and financial modelling stage to achieve optimal project value. These techniques are underwritten by our extensive and current cost and productivity database and our capital and operating cost estimation system which allows us to confidently model project costs.